Covid-19 Information Update

Local InformationNumbers
Number Tested1,500

Coronavirus Hotline

(555) 555-5555


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City is doing what it can to help residents protect themselves and businesses survive. The city is monitoring the situation, issuing recommendations and taking actions based on direction from Public Health – Seattle & King County and the governor. 

City actions, along with key messages from public health officials are posted here. Our COVID-19 Updates page offers a running tally of the city's response to date. 

Proclamation of Emergency

On March 3, 2020, The Mayor signed a proclamation of emergency that allows the city to act quickly should the outbreak spread to residents here.

Facility Closures

City Hall: Closed to public access, see below for changes in service delivery methods.

Mini City Hall: Physical location closed, see below for changes in service delivery methods.

Police and Fire Facilities

Police lobby in City Hall: Through March 31 (can report crime online, phone 911 for emergency, or call the department office number for information.)

Crossroads Police Substation: Until further notice

Factoria Police Substation: Until further notice

Fire Station public access and programs: Until further notice (stations remain open for emergency access and emergency response operations)

Parks Facilities and Community Centers

All playgrounds, sport courts and ballfields: Until further notice - details 

Aquatics Center: Through April 30

Botanical Garden Aaron Education Center: Through April 30 (garden is still open)

Youth Theatre: Through April 30

Crossroads Community Center: Through April 30

Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course: Through April 30

Highland Community Center: Through April 30

Kelsey Creek Farm (programs only, farm is still open): Through April 30

Lake Hills Greenbelt Ranger Station: Through April 30

Lewis Creek Visitor Center: Through April 30

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center: Through April 30

North Community Center: Through April 30

Northwest Arts Center: Through April 30

Robinswood Tennis Center: Through April 30

South Community Center: Through April 30


Please note: This page will be updated with factual information as it becomes available. The date in parentheses is when the question or rumor was reported to the City.

Q: Why has a Shelter in Place Order not been issued?

A: Many areas of the country have issued Shelter in Place Orders. The County Health Department, County Commission, and the Unified County Emergency Operation Team have discussed the desire of some residents in the County for a Shelter in Place Order. All agencies are focusing on educating citizens on the need to stay home when possible, to practice social distancing, and to follow the Orders issued by Missouri Governor. 

Q: Is the Bill Emerson Bridge closing to traffic?

A: There is no plan to close the bridge at this time. The stay at home order from the Gov. has not changed this; the bridge remains open. (March 18, March 20)

Q: Is MoDOT closing interstates, stopping projects or closing rest areas?

A: No, not at this time. (March 20)

Q: Is Missouri WIC closing?

A: WIC is still open and operating normally. If there are any changes to normal operations, WIC participants will be notified by their local agency. (March 20)

Q: Is the city going on lockdown in the next 48 hours, or has an 8 p.m. curfew been established?

A: No - city government has not enacted any curfew or "lockdown", however we do encourage effective social distancing. (March 20)

Q: Grocery stores in the city are closing?

A: Due to supply chain issues and required thorough cleaning procedures, several stores have voluntarily reduced their hours but remain open. Some have instituted special shopping hours for the elderly. Check with stores for hours updates. (March 19)

Q: Why can't you disinfect the City with the mosquito spray trucks?

A: The best means of keeping you and your family safe is through hand washing and cleaning surfaces you touch frequently, as well as social distancing / staying home. (March 18)