Finance Team

Our mission is to connect the people to their City government and promote the common good. Our programs create a culture of collaboration, expanding possibilities for all Portlanders to contribute to their knowledge, experience, and creativity to address local concerns and make life better in the city we all share.

One City, Many Communities

Portland is home to a diverse range of communities with unique experiences and interconnected lives. Weaving these distinct perspectives together to inform local decision-making strengthens our city in ways that benefit everyone.

Power For and From the People

Portlanders have the ambition and ideas to address the challenges that impact their own communities. Support from and partnerships with local government create new opportunities for participation and encourage more people to help lead the way forward.

Creating Our Future Together

Our actions today will shape our city tomorrow. It’s critical that we respond to the opportunities created by our growing, increasingly diverse population now while learning from the experiences of the native and global populations that have long made this place their home.

Our goal is to build inclusion into our daily operations, setting broader change in motion across City government. This requires proactively considering input from and impacts on the diverse communities within Portland. It also requires strengthening partnerships with and investing in community-based groups that represent a broader spectrum of Portlanders.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones

City Manager

Overseeing the administrative tasks that allow a City to operate. Working closely with various city departments and city officials. Managing city policies, create new public programs, maintain the city budget and advise the city council.

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

Finance Director

Responsible for overseeing the financial operations and financial planning of a City. Ensure the smooth running of City’s finances by assessing financial markets, identifying solutions to financial issues, and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Bill Preston

Bill Preston

Communications Manager

Overseeing all internal and external communications for the City, ensuring its message is consistent and engaging. Also known as a the Head of Communications in preparing detailed media reports, press releases, and marketing materials.